Monthly Archives: September 2012

So here I am

First let me say that this isn’t another “weight loss journey” blog. I’m fat, yes. I’d like to lose weight, yes. But this blog is about self acceptance. About finding a way to get rid of the shame. I have a very serious addiction. To FOOD. It is not a joke. I have struggled with my weight since I was 10 years old and now I see the cycle repeating with my own 10 year old.

You won’t see any before and after pictures. I don’t plan to post recipes or my daily food journal. I need a place where I can be honest with myself. Where I can admit that I drove to Popeye’s at 9pm, ordered a 4 piece chicken dinner and sat in my car in a dark parking lot. This after telling my family I was “running to the store,” and two helpings of Shepard’s Pie for dinner.

So maybe I won’t get one reader. I’m not here for that either. I am just tired of lying, and binging, and over extending myself at the gym, and telling myself no only to over indulge later. And I am frightened that I am killing myself and that my kid is learning my very bad habits. So here I am trying to come clean and go straight.