Monthly Archives: November 2012


I have hated Thanksgiving since I was a kid. I am a middle child of sorts, and family get-togethers always meant I was too young to hang with the adults and too old to be with the littles. So I setup shop with the TV and endless helpings of food. No one seemed to notice or care. I stuffed myself silly and watched reruns of holiday movies and sulked.

Of course now as an adult I have no excuse. But the habit has formed, the sentiment very strong, and culturally we are encouraged to indulge at this time of year as we celebrate family and community. The problem is I indulge all year and would rather avoid any time with extended family so Thanksgiving is the opportunity for me to reaffirm all my negative self-beliefs.

I AM thankful. For many things.

For one I am thankful for knowing I can change!